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Python packages

  • csdmpy: The csdmpy package is a Python support for the core scientific dataset (CSD) model file exchange-format. The package is based on the core scientific dataset (CSD) model which is designed as a building block in the development of a more sophisticated portable scientific dataset file standard. The CSD model is capable of handling a wide variety of scientific datasets both within and across disciplinary fields.

  • mrsimulator: The mrsimulator package is an open-source python package for fast computation/analysis of solid-state magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of both crystalline and amorphous materials.

  • mrsimulator web app: A progressive web app for the simulation and least squares analysis of solid-state NMR spectra built on mrsimulator and plotly dash

  • mrinversion: The mrinversion python package is based on the statistical learning technique for determining the distribution of the magnetic resonance (NMR) tensor parameters from two-dimensional NMR spectra correlating the isotropic to anisotropic frequencies.

  • Video of Deepansh Srivastava's presentation on mrinversion

MacOS and iOS apps

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  • RMN: Multi-dimensional signal processing on MacOS
  • PhySyCalc : A MacOS and iOS scientific calculator with units

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