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Chem 520: Physical Chemistry

Download a pdf of the syllabus here

Instructor: Philip Grandinetti
Instructor Office: 0044 McPherson Lab
Instructor Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:30 PM

TA: Kevin Sanders
TA Office: 0048 McPherson Lab
TA Office Hours: Thursday at 1:30-3:30 pm in 5097 Smith Lab

Required Text: "Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences", R. Chang

Lecture Topic(s)Chapter
Thermodynamic Definitions4
First Law of Thermodynamics - Work, Heat4
Heat Capacity, Enthalpy4
Gas Laws2
Kinetic Theory of Gases3
Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics5
Gibbs and Helmholtz Energies6
Non-Electrolyte Solutions7
Electrolyte Solutions8
Chemical Equilibrium9
Electrochemistry, Acids and Bases (time permitting)10-11

Take-Home Quizzes 20%
Midterm Exam 40% 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Tues, Feb 7th, Room 2004 Evans Lab
Final Exam 40% 11:30 AM - 1:18 PM, Tue, March 13th, Room 2019 McPherson

Penalty for late Quizzes: 10% per day late. Homework Assignments can be found here.

To have an exam question re-graded, turn in a written description of your concern no later than one class period after the exam was returned to you. Each exam in question will be re-graded in its entirety.

All students with documented disabilities, who need accommodations, should see the instructor privately to schedule an appointment as early in the quarter as possible. If your disability requires materials in alternative format, please contact the Office for Disability Services at 292-3307, Room 150 Pomerene Hall.


Any material submitted in Chem. 520 must represent your own work. Apparent violations of this standard will be referred to the University Committee of Academic Misconduct (COAM) as required by Faculty Rules. Please read the attached statement on Standards of Academic Conduct carefully. See the URL:

for further information about the Student Code of Conduct.