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Geofluids and Porous Media

While the pores inside rocks of sedimentary basins in the lithosphere are primarily filled with brine, it is the rare occurrence of formations with pores filled mostly with hydrocarbon (C-O-H) fluids that have been of greatest economic interest. More recently, scientists and engineers have begun investigating the possibility of geological sequestration of carbon dioxide into sedimentary rocks as part of a larger strategy of carbon capture and sequestration to combat global warming. Thus, scientists and engineers around the world continue to focus their efforts on improving our understanding of the macro- and microscopic properties of fluids confined to sedimentary rocks. Our group focus is on the development of new NMR methodologies for characterizing dynamics and structure at multiple length scales and their application in answering fundamental questions about rock-fluid interactions as related to gas and oil recovery and CO2 geosequestration.

Prof. David Cole (Ohio State University)
Prof. Tito Bonagamba (Universidade de São Paolo, Instituto de Física de São Carlos)