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Chem 6250 - Thermodynamics

This is a half-semester graduate-level review course on Thermodynamics.

Course Syllabus
Lecture Topic(s) Additional Material
Work and Energy In Classical Mechanics .pdf .note
Stress, Strain, and Elasticity .pdf .note
Thermodynamic Definitions .pdf .note
Thermodynamic Equilibrium And Equations Of State .pdf .note
Gas Equations of State .pdf .note
Kinetic Theory of Gases .pdf Slides
Video 3-1, Video 3-2, Video 3-3, Video 3-4
Web App
Equipartition of Energy .pdf Slides
Video 6
First Law of Thermodynamics .pdf .note
Thermodynamic Processes and State Functions .pdf .note
Thermodynamic Work .pdf .note
Heat .pdf .note
Thermochemistry .pdf .note
Gas Expansion .pdf .note
Carnot Engines .pdf .note
Entropy .pdf .note
Statistical Interpretation of Entropy .pdf .note
Third Law of Thermodynamics .pdf .note
Spontaneous Processes .pdf .note
Thermodynamic Relationships .pdf .note
Phase Transitions and Equilibria of Pure Substances .pdf .note
Thermodynamics of Mixtures .pdf .note
Ideal Gas Mixtures .pdf .note
Raoult's law .pdf .note
Henry's Law .pdf .note
Real Solutions .pdf .note